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The Interfaith Community has built a multi-tiered curriculum for children pre-K-8.  Designed by consultants from the Jewish Theological and Union Theological seminaries, our courses are taught side-by-side by teams of Jewish and Christian educators. Courses also encourage active parent involvement and education. In addition, the Interfaith Community provides holiday celebrations, which reinforce learning about each tradition. 

To learn more about classes in your area, visit your local chapter.


The Interfaith Community's pioneering courses expose children to both of their religious heritages, allow them to cultivate their own spirituality, and provide a foundation to enable them to follow their own paths. Our mission centers around three main goals: exposure, respect, and delight. We do not teach children what to believe, but we give them the literacy and comfort that they need to relate to each tradition. We provide a supportive and vibrant community for this process of learning, questioning, and engagement. 

In keeping with our educational goals, children who participate in our educational programs will:

Classes Offered

Courses are usually comprised of 10 sessions, book-ended by an additional opening and a closing "Family Day," at which all children and their families come together in a lively and spiritual setting to anticipate or conclude the experiences.  Each class session is typically an hour, though lessons may be tailored or combined by the educators to fit certain schedules. 

In addition, all courses will aim to help children develop their individual spiritualities and connections to God.

Courses are intended to introduce key themes and concepts from both traditions throughout a child's growth, revisiting many of those concepts at deeper levels later in the curriculum.  However, our courses are not cumulative, so students who enter in later years will not find themselves behind the class. 


Courses are normally developed with a particular age group in mind, but teachers are assisted in adapting the curriculum to different ages. The grades listed by each course title are suggested.


Celebrating Our Songs

A music-based, parent-toddler program, this course emphasizes playful exposure to Judaism and Christianity through song and dance.

Celebrating Our Traditions

Consists of two related courses, Great Stories and God and Me. These courses familiarize children with the yearly cycle of holidays. These courses are designed for grades K-4. 

Exploring Our Bibles

Consists of two related courses, Doing the Right Thing and Bible Heroes. These courses introduce students to key Bible stories. These courses are designed for grades K-4. 

Bible and Prayer

Consists of three related courses, Sacred Texts, Rituals and Sacred Spaces, and People and Places. These courses focus on more advanced concepts such as culture, history, the meaning of ritual, the development of texts, how culture is created, and also emphasize the prayer and practice of each religion. These courses are designed for grades 4-7. 

Identity and Transition

Consists of two related courses, Year 1 and Year 2. These courses focus on religious identity, connection, and the spiritual and cultural development of the students. These courses are designed for grades 6 and up.

To learn more about classes in your area, visit your local chapter.

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