Susan Katz Miller: Being Both

Susan Katz Miller is the author of Being Both, a new book on interfaith families and of On Being Both, a popular blog.

Deeper than Dialogue

Watch Union Theological Seminary's groundbreaking panel discussion on interfaith families.

Two Religions, One Family

The Interfaith Community's blog

Interfaith Parenting: "Respecting Differences while Keeping the Faith"

An article by Dr. Sheila C. Gordon, president of the Interfaith Community

Being Interfaith

An independent website by Columbia journalism students that highlights many IFC families.

An online publication which encourages Jewish choices while respecting the heritage and traditions of the non-Jewish partner

Raising Your Jewish/Christian Child

The book, Raising Your Jewish/Christian Child: How Interfaith Parents Can give Children the Best of Both Their Heritages, by Lee F. Gruzen, co-founder of the Interfaith Community.


A fifty-year old interfaith network that publishes a journal on religion and intellectual life and sponsors related programs

Interfaith Counseling

A resource for couple's counseling with close ties to the Interfaith Community through its principal who is IFC’s consultant on counseling issues

The Interfaith Families Project

An independent community of interfaith families

The Family School

An independent community of interfaith families in the greater Chicago area, providing a K-12 curriculum

The Jewish-Catholic Couples Dialogue Group

An interfaith community for Jewish/Catholic couples in the greater Chicago area

The Interfaith Union

A resource center in metropolitan Chicago for interfaith and interchurch families and the clergy that serve them

Symposium on Educating Jewish-Christian Families

A report on the IFC’s seminal gathering of families, clergy and other religious professionals

An Interfaith Community: a Place to Connect

An article by Dr. Sheila C. Gordon, president of the Interfaith Community

A clearinghouse of material about Jewish interfaith marriage