Instructions for using Zoom




In advance of the meeting download the free Zoom Cloud Meetings app.  


When you register, you will receive a Meeting ID number.  To join the meeting, open the app, click on Join A Meeting, and enter the Meeting ID number. (DO NOT click on Sign In; the host will be the one to sign in.)



In advance of the meeting, make sure you are set up by entering the URL noted when you register.

You will get a request to Launch Application; click on that link.  

You will then see a box of options on the right side of the screen.  Choose Join, and enter the Meeting ID number received when you register.  





Make sure your audio is on. You can check on the status of your audio by clicking on the microphone icon, which may be in the top or bottom icon tray on your screen -- usually bottom left of screen on a PC. (If you get a request to choose Internet audio or direct dial, choose Internet.)



If you don’t see yourself on your screen, check on your video by clicking on the camera icon, which should be next to the microphone icon.  Your camera should be set to Front Facing. If you don’t see yourself on the screen, click on the camera to check the status of your video.



  Dial: +1 646 558 8656 or +1 408 638 0968 




  • Remove or turn off other telephones in the vicinity, so they aren’t heard by others if they ring during the call. (To avoid inadvertent noise, please mute yourself - instructions to do so are below in the last bullet point.)


  • Sign on a few minutes early to check your system. Check that you’re sitting so the camera shows you facing front. If you’re late, please don’t disturb the flow of the discussion.


  • Check out the icons on your screen - they’re usually on the bottom of the screen if you’re using a computer and on the top if you’re using a tablet.  They may even be on the side of your screen! If you don’t see them, click around your screen and they should appear. Important icons are:


    • Speaker View /Gallery View

    • Participants / Mute me/ Raise Hand


  • To view the other participants, you will have the choice of “Speaker View” (where whoever is speaking is shown full screen) or “Gallery View,” where you see thumbnail boxes of everyone participating.  In Gallery View the box of the person speaking will be highlighted.


At any point in the call you can toggle to whichever View you are not in, i.e., if you’re in Speaker View you’ll have the choice to switch to Gallery View and vice versa. (There will be an icon or tab that allows you to toggle between views.)  Once there are 3 or more participants on the call you will see a box on the top right of your screen that will allow you to make this choice.


We recommend using Speaker View primarily rather than Gallery View.  Speaker View allows you --during the discussion – to see the person speaking, without having to flip through screens. (Under the drop down Participants icon,  you can see a list of everyone on the call.)


In Gallery View, you see each person’s video feed in a separate box; the number of people shown on each screen depends on how big your screen is.  If you use a tablet, you may see only 9 per screen. You may have to swipe through several screens to see everyone. Under Speaker View, the speaker’s video feed fills the screen.


  • To facilitate smooth interaction, please use MUTE unless you are speaking.  We will use the Raise Hand function provided by Zoom to make sure that everyone who wants to speak has a chance to do so.  To raise your hand:


    • Click on the Participants icon. A dropdown will open where you will see a list of everyone on the call.

    • You will also see two buttons on the bottom of that dropdown - Mute Me and Raise Hand.  Please mute yourself unless you are speaking. When you want to speak, press Raise Hand and unmute yourself.

    • To lower your hand, click on Lower Hand (or click on the Raise Hand button again).