What is IFC?


The IFC is committed both to the continuity of religion and to strong families. Responding to the rapidly growing number of interfaith families who want to respect and support both their religious heritages, the Interfaith Community aims to:

  • provide balanced education in a safe, neutral environment

  • nurture the distinctiveness of both Judaism and Christianity

  • support individuals and families as they pursue their own course




What we do

As part of its mission, the Interfaith Community works to:

  • Create replicable professionally designed models of educational programs for children, couples and families. Classes are team-taught by both a Jewish and a Christian educator.

  • Collaborate with religious seminaries, churches and synagogues and other religiously-related institutions. Our curriculum is carefully designed by educators from Jewish Theological, Union and other leading seminaries.

  • Directly serve families by providing our programs in many different locations. These include the greater New York area, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts

  • Advocate for today's interfaith families.