Westchester: Adult Programs

Through the Interfaith Community, each location can draw on a wide range of programs for adults: including private counseling, couples workshops, formal educational courses, workshops on specific family decision topics, and informal panel discussions. More info.

In-Person & Online Panel Discussion:
Interfaith Marriage and Parenting


Date: Tuesday evening, January 7th at 7pm

In-Person: 7:00pm

Online: 7:15pm via Zoom

Fee: Free

Based on the Interfaith Community’s pioneering model for Jewish-Christian families who wish to support both traditions, this panel discussion will include celebrating holidays, wedding and baby ceremonies, educating children and more. Fresh from the “collision” of Hanukkah and Christmas — and in the spirit of the new year! —  Interfaith Community members want to reflect on the holidays and explore their issues.  


Join us in-person or through video in an informal discussion group, focusing on interfaith marriage and parenting for Jewish/Christian couples. 

St. Michaels Episcopal Church (library)

225 West 99th St. 

New York, NY 10025


..or online video participation through ZOOM

RSVP info@interfaithcommunity.org  to reserve a space or to receive ZOOM login information