Board & Staff

President: Dr. Sheila C. Gordon


Board of Directors

Sheila C. Gordon, President

Benjamin Segal, Vice President

Anne Atkinson, Secretary

Robin Anthony Elliott, Treasurer

Sarah Cirker

Robert Pflieger

Chapter Leadership

New York City:



Northern New Jersey /Orange/Rockland: 

Central New Jersey:

Long Island



Western Connecticut:    


Stephanie Rambler

Amy Cappelli and EmilyTimmel

Ruby Engel, founding chair

Anne Koenig and Eliot Sobel

Soraya Meyers, founding chair

Kelly Fried

founding co-chairs

Sarah Cirker and Amy Schombs

Pam Gawley, founding co-chair

Greg Baimel and Sarah Hoffert

Ali Haffner and Karen Muller, founding co-chairs


Consultant for Counseling:    

Susan Needles