Our national advisory board includes leading Christian and Jewish educators and theologians. We are headquartered in the Inter-Church Center in Morningside Heights, with its great density of seminaries and religious organizations. We have strong relationships with faculty and students at both Union and Jewish Theological (JTS) Seminairies. We also have a growing roster of advisers and educators that includes nationally known clergy and religious scholars.

Religious & Education Advisors

Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein

Prof. Mary C. Boys, SNJM

Rev. Robert Brashear

Rev. Anne L. Conroy

Prof. Aryeh Davidson

Rabbi Lavey Derby

Rev. Vicky L. Eastland

Rev. Joel A. Gibson

Rabbi Samuel N. Gordon

Fr. Mark C. Hallinan, S.J.

Rev. Daniel Heischman

Rev. Charles Henderson

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

Rabbi David Ingber

Prof. Carol Ingall

Rev. Dr. James Karpen

Rev. Enid Kessler

Dr. Katherine Kurs

Rev. Michael Lindvall

Rev. Timothy Morehouse

Rabbi Stuart Paris

Steve and Cokie Roberts

Rev. Richard E. Spalding

Prof. Harold Wechsler

Rev. Richard Spalding, with board members Dr. Sheila Gordon and Rabbi Nehama Benmosche

Union Prof. Mary Boys at the IFC Symposium

JTS Prof. Carol Ingall at the IFC Symposium

Steve and Cokie Roberts speak to IFC members