Adult Programs


For adults in interfaith relationships, being knowledgeable about– and appreciative of– one's own and one's partner’s religion is important to an ongoing relationship. And it is critical to effective, respectful parenting around religion. Individuals also need practical skills and insights to navigate their differences. Our programs provide both sets of resources which, in turn, help couples turn their differences into a source of growth and strength.


Programs are primarily provided by IFC chapters in their respective locations. Some programs, particularly counseling related, are provided by our central staff, primarily in Manhattan. Programs include:




Private consultations with couples (provided in Manhattan or by phone/ video connection)  

Through this one-hour session with an Interfaith Community senior staff member, couples are guided through a preliminary assessment of their needs and provided with a context to anticipate interfaith marriage. They will discuss the various issues facing interfaith families, the many choices they can consider, and the resources available to them – e.g., programs, publications, counselor and wedding officiant referrals.

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Interfaith Couples Workshops    (mid-town Manhattan location)                                    

In a multi-session workshop, groups of 4 - 6 couples grapple with the role of religion in their relationships and address the basic issues which will help them make a thoughtful choice as to how or whether they can accommodate their dual-faith traditions. In a supportive environment, couples consider issues such as the importance of religion vs. ethnic/cultural heritage; the role of family/extended family; and raising children. Workshops are organized on a rolling basis according to demand.

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Formal classes on Judaism and Christianity  Individual classes and multi-session courses are held on a variety of issues relating to both traditions. Topics  inlcude the very different histories of both religions, theology and beliefs, and rituals and practices; topics foucs on differences as well as similarities and have included: Judaism and Christianity for Interfaith Couples: Questions of Belief; Our Differing Jewish and Christian Perspectives; How to Understand Easter and Holy 


Panel discussions on interfaith marriage and parenting. Panelists are IFC members who share their experiences and observations.These are opportunities to hear about the diverse and distinct journeys of different families and to participate interactively with these families. Some programs are general in topic, while others may focus specifically on an issue like educating children. 


Single-session workshops on focused topics, led by a trained educator. Using strucutred workshop techniques to help pariticpants engage in the subject, these sessions examine a specific topic such as the theology and customs and rituals behind baby welcoming ceremonies, as well as the interpersonal and familial issues.